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They are all very similar = private hospital insurance which will cover the cost of surgery and associated costs 3 to 6 months each side of the surgery. (depending on the company and policy)

They are the same thing, normally a lump sum payment in the event of the death of the person insured.

Yes they are all very similar – a lump sum payment of your choice payable in the event of one of the specified major illnesses.

Probably not, we will help you or your loved ones through the claims process, always keeping in mind what your goals and plans are – this service is free

Insurance premiums start at $20 per month with free annual reviews. We offer free quotes.

We are happy to review your cover and work out how you can achieve the result you need, insurance cover within your current budget – this service is free.

We offer Zoom, phone and email communication reviews to fit in with your busy schedule.

There is no cost to you as we are paid a commission by the insurance companies. Our service value is normally around $600 per client.

Yes you do need mortgage insurance, NO you do not need to purchase it from the Bank, Always check their fine print. We will do this for you – this service is free.

We need to understand your needs then we will research the insurance market, compare companies and request information specific to you – then you will find an easy solution.

How good is your health? Sometimes the best decision is to stay put, but there can be big premiums savings when restructuring your cover.

Yes, there may be options in your current health and trauma cover to automatically add your children – we will check the fine print – this is a free service.

Understand your policy ownership – what actually happens at claim time, will your payment be made to the person you want to receive it?