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Important Information About Us

Financial Adviser

Paula Jones FSP 82763

Financial Advice Provider

Jones Insurance Consultants Limited FSP 762912

Contact Details

PO Box 69024
Lincoln, 7640

M 027 285 3785

Jones Insurance Consultants Limited, and anyone who gives financial advice on our behalf, have legal duties relating to the way we give advice.

We must:

• Give priority to our clients’ interests by taking all reasonable steps to make sure our advice isn’t materially influenced by our own interests.

• Exercise care, diligence, and skill in providing advice.

• Meet standard of competence, knowledge and skill set by the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services (these are designed to make sure that we have the expertise need to provide you with advice) and

• Meet standard of ethical behaviour, conduct and client care set by the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services (these are designed to make sure that we treat you as we should and give you suitable advice)

This is only a summary of the duties that we have. More information is available by contacting us, or by visiting the Financial Markets Authority website at

What we do

Paula Jones is the Managing Director of Jones Insurance Consultants Limited, Paula is a Financial Adviser who specialises in providing advice and solutions for clients in the area of Insurance Services and KiwiSaver.

We will always make sure you understand the nature and limitations of our advice specific to your situation and we will not rush your decision-making process. We care about your Insurance and KiwiSaver needs.

How we work

• We will agree on areas of advice requirements & establish other terms of our engagement.
• We will get to know you and gather all necessary facts of your situation & identify your specific needs and objectives.
• We will then analyse and research your circumstances & develop strategies to meet your needs and objectives.
• We will prepare & present a Statement of Advice outlining my recommendations & implement any such agreed recommendations.
• We will facilitate the application process for agreed products & services.
• We will monitor the implementation and review these strategies and actions on a regular basis.
• We also provide an ongoing service of assisting you with any requests and commit to assisting to you at claim time.

Experience and Qualifications

National Certificate in Financial Services L5
Diploma in Management
I have been in the industry as a Risk adviser since 2005


Financial Advice New Zealand
NZFSG (New Zealand Financial Services Group)
Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce

Nature and Scope of the Advice Provided

Paula Jones is a Financial adviser with the following companies and recommend the products & solutions she thinks best fit your circumstances & requirements.

Accuro, AIA, Asteron, AMP, Fidelity Life, Nib, Cigna, Partners Life, Generate and NZFunds. We do not have an agency with Southern Cross, but we can complete research reports that include them.

There are many more KiwiSaver Providers in New Zealand, we will only advise on NZFunds KiwiSaver, Wealth Builder, Income Generator and Generate KiwiSaver.

We will only recommend new Insurance if it is in your best interest.

How we get paid

On the issue of a risk insurance policy, Jones Insurance Consultants Ltd receive commission from the above-mentioned product providers we work with. The commission is generally of an up/front nature and also includes a small renewal or trial commission. Therefore, we do not charge you fees.

Paula Jones received drawings from Jones Insurance Consultants Ltd. Our Office Manager is paid a salary.


Jones Insurance Consultants reserves the right to recover costs for work completed on behalf of the client, whether the recommendations are implemented, not implemented or cancelled within 2 years from commencement date. The fee is $120/hour plus GST, and will cover time-based work related to advice, research, administration services and/or travel.

Approximately 8 hours at $120 per hour plus GST will be charged on the 20th of the month after the policy cancellation.

Conflicts of Interest

If a conflict of interest is identified Paula Jones and Jones Insurance Consultants Limited would avoid/leave or disclosure it to you.

For Life Insurance and Health Insurance, Jones Insurance Consultants Limited and the financial adviser receive commissions from the insurance companies on whose policies we give advice. If you decide to take out insurance the insurer will pay a commission to Jones Insurance Consultants Limited and your financial adviser. The amount of commission is based on the premium.

To ensure that our financial advisers prioritise the client’s interests above their own, we follow an advice process that ensures our recommendations are made on the basis of the client’s goals and circumstances. Our financial advisers undergo annual training about how to manage conflicts of interest. We undertake a compliance audit, and a review of our compliance programme annually by a reputable compliance adviser.

Your Obligations

Any advice or product implementation provided as a result of this needs analysis can only be as good as the information received from you, so we ask that you provide us with the information we request. Without relevant and correct information about your personal and financial situation we run the risk of giving advice that is not appropriate for your needs. If you are unsure as to why we need certain information, please ask so that we can explain.

At claim time please call us first before contacting the insurance provider. We are here to help you and your family.

Nature & Scope of Advice

Jones Insurance Consultants Limited provides advice to our clients about their Life Insurance, Health Insurance and KiwiSaver

The following are the areas or advice or product that you are requesting from me, subject to any specific objectives or limitations of our engagement.

Unless noted below, our discussions and my advice will be in relation to helping provide your & your family and/or business, Certainty, Control & Cashflow and assisting you to manage your family’s and/or businesses financial security in the event of:

• Requiring timely hospital or specialist treatment (Health)
• Loss of income through sickness or disability (Income Protection) 
• Suffering a serious illness or disability Mortgage/Rent Protection) (Trauma) 
• Suffering a permanent disability (Total Permanent Disability) 
• Untimely Death (Life Insurance) 
• KiwiSaver (First Home/Retirement Savings) 

Privacy Act

1. It is understood that any information gathered for this needs analysis is personal and I undertake to keep this information confidential and secure.
2. The Privacy Act 2020 gives you the right to request access to and correction of your personal information.
3. Information provided by you and or any authorised agent will be used by me and any members of my staff for the purpose of providing advice to you and may also be used by any:
   a) product or service provider when implementing any of my/our recommendations or variations thereof.
   b) compliance advisers, assessors or by any claims investigators who may need access to such information; and
   c) other professionals such as solicitors, accountants, finance brokers, financial planners when such services are required to complement this advice and as requested by you.
4. The information will be held by me / us at: 12 Brahman Close, Prebbleton 


You will receive a bi-monthly newsletter. This is always a reminder to “has anything changed
that may affect my insurance plan”.

Complaints Process

What should you do if something goes wrong?
If you have a problem, concern, or complaint about any part of my service, please tell my internal complaints scheme so that my internal complaints scheme can try to fix the problem. You may contact the internal complaints scheme by contacting Jones Insurance Consultants Ltd by telephone on 0800 325 25 25, by email on or in writing to Jones Insurance Consultants, P.O. Box 69024, Lincoln, 7640 If we cannot agree on how to fix the issue, or if you decide not to use the internal complaints scheme, you can contact the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme Inc (IFSO Scheme). This service will cost you nothing and will help us resolve any disagreements. You can contact the IFSO Scheme at:

Address: PO Box 10-845, Wellington, 6143
Telephone number: 0800 888 202 or 04 499 7612
FSP number: FSP82763

How are we regulated by the Government?
You can check that Jones Insurance Consultants Ltd is a financial adviser at

The Financial Markets Authority regulates financial advisers. Contact the Financial Markets Authority for more information, including financial tips & warnings.

You can report information or complain about my conduct to the Financial Markets Authority, but in the event of a disagreement, you may choose to first use the dispute resolution procedures described above (under What should you do if something goes wrong?)

This is an important document. Please take time to read it carefully and keep it in a safe place.

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